• 2021

    Phase 1 : 2021-2022

    Forming a core team
    Development and planning for setting up the goals
    Creating streams for social media
    Releasing token contract
    Getting listed on uniswap
    Website rebranding
    Locking reward tokens
    Locking liquidity
    Locking liquidity
    Getting listed on CoinGecko and coinmarketcap
    Getting listed on CoinGecko and coinmarketcap
    Giveaways for everyone
    Social media promotion ( YouTube, telegram, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn)
    Scheduling 2 audits
  • 2022

    Phase 2 : 2022 - 2023

    App launch
    Getting listed on 5 exchanges
    Incorporating new team members to work on development and marketing
    Formation of a organisation by connecting people
    Getting a good hold in the market
  • 2023

    Phase 3 : 2023-2024

    Getting a hold in the market of renewable energy projects.
    Mining with renewable energy sources and making crypto currency completely free of carbon based solutions